School Pass Live! is designed to provide schools with increased accountability, security and additional data not available with traditional written hall passes.

School Pass Live! tracks the following:
– Student location on the school site
– Time while out of class
– Student Pass History
– Teacher Room Pass History
– Set Pass Time Limits
– Security Guard monitor locations of students and time they have been out of the classroom
– Contact all students out of class during Code Red and Fire Drill procedures

School and District administrators are able to:
– Save money on printing
– Ensure pass validity
– Monitor student movement in the building
– Improve instruction
– Identify pass violators
– Identify abuse of school hall pass rules
– Increase school security measures
– Collect data previously unavailable with traditional passes
– Communicate to students utilizing School Hall Pass

SCHOOL HALL PASS SCENARIO: Traditionally, Teachers are providing instruction to their students when one student asks to use the restroom or go to the office. The teacher has to stop instruction, go to the desk, and write a pass for the student to leave. The teacher goes back to teaching but there is no way to monitor how long the student is out of the classroom or if they go to the restroom on the first floor vs the 3rd floor.

School Pass Live! is used by teachers & students to replace traditional paper hall passes. It allows students to use their cellphone with School Pass Live! as a pass for all their classes very easily.

There is no need to interrupt teacher instruction to write student pass information anymore. Students complete required information in the School Pass Live! themselves and simply ask their teacher for permission to leave the classroom. The student then scans the School Pass Live! QR Code in the teacher classroom when they leave the classroom and when they return. It’s that easy.